Valdosta State College Blazers vs. Livingston University (University of West Alabama) Tigers, Football game, November 12, 1982. Inaugural season, game 10. Highlights. Gulf South (NCAA II) Conference. Tiger Stadium, Livingston, Alabama. United States. Digitized from Umatic tape(s) R004, Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections: Video Collection, 2019.

Cite as:

VSC-TV (Valdosta State College Television). “Valdosta State Blazers vs. Livingston University Tigers, November 12, 1982.” YouTube video, 00:55:47, posted by “Valdosta State Archives,”

UUID: 391CF47D-BD97-A790-4F9C-50BE98F42BA1

Staff 1982:
Jim Keith; Larry Nesler; Kenneth Hand; Cliff Fussell; Tommy Macon; Jim Goodman; Bill Grant; Jim Madaleno; Steve Roberts; Mack Greer;

Players 1982:
Jody Allen; Steve Allen; Carl Armstrong; Tim Betros; Jay Blaylock; Robert Boyette; Brett Calzaretta; Perry Campbell; Harvey Carter; Mark Catano; Henry Chubb; Alan Crews; Bill Cribb; David Dent; Chuck Dunmon; Cliff Fouty; Curt Garrett; David Gilyard; Derrick Hammond; Eric Jarvis; Frank Laton; Donald Monts; David Niemeyer; James Owens; James Robinson; Glenn Schmittou; Kelvin Sheppard; Tracy Soles; James Strickland; Mel Stripling; Teddy Watson; David Williams;



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