HH and the Football Banter boys break down the biggest stories in the week of football with our host Leonie.



  1. In conclusion, Drifty said, you have to go back to the days of Nesta…. Defenders of that era, in case you forgot, Puyol, Cannavaro, Young Ferdinand, retiring Stam, Young Vidic, to mention just a few. After that era, what defender "in the current era" plays on "that same level" of brilliant defending? I remember one of them saying, if he had to make a sliding tackle, then he's made a mistake. So, if you say a slide tackle is brilliant defending, then there's an issue

  2. For once, Devo goes with Hope, although they are both not making sense. The fact that you bring Ferdinand's peak into the discussion means you either just don't want to understand Drifty's point or you're just being a blind-eyed fan. Torres peaked at #LFC but still never won any trophy with them, but you'd still say he's one of the best striker in the premier league.

  3. I'd love Hope to say the same thing now that salah did the same thing Sissoko did cos he was on mirrored positions for the goal, drifted to his left and took the shot.

  4. Arsenal haven't kept a cleansheet away from home this season and they have 4/6 away games left, but they do have form on thier side. United's fixtures are tough (Everton, City and Chelsea) and thier form is too poor so they won't make it. Between Spurs and Chelsea I think Spurs have 4/6 home games left and have both a 1 point lead and a better goal difference so they'll get the last spot.

  5. Dudes are hating on liverpool. Van dijk's effect in the defense has been what Messi and Ronaldo have been to their teams. Only thing thats left is: "Can He Do It For A Decade"

    P.S. Barca fan here


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