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  1. This city side is hands down the best team in premier league history in terms of their performance in the league over the last two years, nobody has matched that. Regardless of money spent, United have spent shit loads and have got nowhere near, people need to give city the respect they deserve

  2. Tbh the level of competition in today's EPL isn't the same. In the mid 2000s, man utd, arsenal, chelsea, liverpool were all competing for the title and each had incredible squads that made it far in Champions League as well. City isn't that level yet no matter how many points they get

  3. Sorry, even city's epl " achievements " are empty. Other clubs have won the league with less spending ( compensating for inflation ) . Who cares how many points ahead city were last season?….. 1st is 1st. And if points DO matter to you, Liverpool got 2nd only a point behind, spending far less .

  4. Of course the media is hating against city again. We’re used to it now. In the past 5 years Chelsea spent more than city and where are they? United spent 600mil and are trying to rebuild AGAIN! give city their respect

  5. How can this Tottenham fan laugh about arsenal spending £40m, the only player you’ve spent in the last 2 windows is Lucas Moura and didn’t sign a single player last summer🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. We got 12 draws and 4 of them came at the end of the season when we’d already won the league😴 if your not going to lose any games than obviously your going to draw more

  7. City are just the English PSG. No one cares if they win the league, even United fans don't care. That's why they're so desperately trying to spark a rivalry with Liverpool when we don't care either.

    Tottenham officially have more European pedigree than City just by reaching the final.

  8. City faced no one in the league cup and FA Cup so it’s so easy for them as for Liverpool and Tottenham it’s been difficult so CL is better than a domestic treble.


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