The Aquaman domination continues but we do have a new film entering the race this weekend – the new horror movie Escape Room. Where will that one land? Will Mary Poppins Returns, Bumblebee and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse continue to hold strong? Find out what I think in the very first edition of box office predictions in 2019!

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  1. This is the final verdict for last weekend Aquaman got 30.7 Million, Mary Poppins got 15 Million, Escape Room got 18 Million, BumbleBee 12, and Spiderverse is the only correct prediction she's almost exactly got right at 13 Million.

  2. aquaman is on its way to a billion, people can laugh if they want although i wanna know why couldnt spiderman homecoming hit 1 billion? why couldnt ant man and the wasp? they have the backing of an established brand. laugh all you want marvel THOTS but we shall see who has the last laugh when captain marvel opens to less than wonderwoman and shazam

  3. PNimmi is a monster, as a student of data and numbers.
    Is the “avatar” caricature Perri wearing Godzilla or a Jurassic Dino suit? And nice boxing 🥊 gloves in the corner.
    And great Ironman match, you both know so much Jurassic info.

  4. My prediction from two days ago is:
    1. Aquaman – $28M(-46,5%) / $257M
    2. Mary Poppins Returns – $19M (-33%) / $142M
    3. Escape Room – $16,8M

    4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – $14M (-25%) / $13M
    5. Bumblebee – $13M(-38%) / $97,5M

  5. Aquaman is likely to be #1 for four weeks, that's outstanding. SpiderVerse & Poppins should continue to have great holds until Lego Movie 2. Bumblebee & Aquaman will take a hit when Glass debuts.

  6. People keep on underestimating Aquaman. I think the movie will earn closer to $30 million by the end of this weekend. At this point, its worldwide gross is going to be at least $900 million when it finally finishes its run in theatrical release.


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