The goal of visualization meditation is to put your mind in the right framework, so that you can manifest your heart desires as practically as possible in the real life, be it wealth, happiness, prosperity, love, positive energy. This meditative process is one of the most important components of the law of attraction because it allows you to focus your mental energies on something real, and turn wishful thinking into actual manifestation. So when you’re ready, follow these steps to engage in visualization meditation. Do this meditation ideally when into your bed right before you sleep. This makes a very powerful sleep meditation.

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable. You can sit in the lotus position, lie down on your bed or relax on your couch. Once you’re comfortable, turn on the music.

Step 2: Take a few slow and deep breaths to center your mind. Breathe deep, hold the air in for a few seconds then breathe out. Do this about 20 times. This helps focus your mind.

Step 3: Now try and be a a passive observer and observe how you breath in air and breathing it out. Do nothing but just observe and feel it. Do this for couple of minutes until your mind is more focused. Now, imagine yourself in a beautiful setting where everything is at peace and the things that you want are all around you. Focus on this image. Don’t let it go.

Step 4: Now, focus on your emotions. You are not just in a beautiful place with all of your heart’s desire. You are also happy and free from problems. Everything looks beautiful, and you have abundance of wealth you could want. Now, imagine your emotions in such a place. Focus on those feelings and don’t let them go.

Step 5: In this state, affirm to yourself that all this is real, and that you have the means to attain it. Through this affirmation, you tell yourself that you can manifest wealth, health and happiness.

Do this every night before sleeping and you may fall asleep doing this meditation. It is also equally important for you to work towards your manifestation in the real life too. Keep everything positive and keep working towards your goal.

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Our body is maintained at an unconscious level. Our inner self always tries to maintain our body’s balance and health but our beliefs always interfere. Basic theory here is “If you believe you can, you will”. Positive Visualization is the trial to success with the secret law of attraction.

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