This is a video AAPA vs Kirtipur 3rd day box office collection|Daya Hang Rai vs Sraaj Garach about the two nepali movie box office collection of Appa and Kirtipur.BOth the film are released in the cinemas from Friday June 28 all over nepal and Appa is released in 25 cinemas also in india.All bout the box office collection of movies.Box office collection 1st day appa vs kirtipur,appa vs kirtipur 2nd day box office collection kirtipur,appa vs kirtipur 3rd day box office collection. .



  1. APPA and KIRTIPUR both movies are awesome, duitai movie hernai parchha.
    APPA ma Father son ko relation dekhayeko chha bhane KIRTIPUR ma historical battle and storyline and full use of VFX. Yo duitai movies kina hernu parchha bhane Nepali movies ko progress kata gairako chha bhanne kura ho hami le herera support garyo bhane Nepali movie industry lai ramro hunchha.

  2. Appa is better than most of the recent movies that have been made in Nepal. Though its an A grade cinema with A lister actors it didn't get deserving shows. I think its because it's an indian production. They give huge priority to bollywood cinemas but can't give deserving shows to emerging Indian-nepalese talent. Hypocrisy at it best.
    This movie can be the bridge between two countries and other movie makers can also release their movies in india aswell.


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