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  1. Lets get this straight this is a good song & he said something that might have offended some people but u lot should remember that this is "Drill" & much worse has been said but u only care about 1 bar that's just selfishness & doesn't he have freedom of speech & was just stating his preferences though in a spiteful manner (He's mixed so technically not racism just discrimination) & if u don't like what he said the just ignore him & leave him alone so there was no need for this song to taken down in the first place. He has even got a black girl in the video so that tells u that it's not that deep if u listen to drill, if ur easily offended by some music why listen to it & complain in the first place cos ur only proving him right, & let's be honest if he was hating white girls u lot would be laughing so think about that too he even diss white girls "their mums always out on a bender" which is certainly no compliment but u don't see them complaining thus proving his point (some can be extra & he probs had bad time with them cos he didn't get his way), & black girls saying that's it's wrong for black boys to not back them that means u want them to lie to u right? & when ur favourite drill artists is rapping about what girls does for them u don't care about that do u? exactly

  2. so you can firm a drill rapper talking crud about stabbing and shooting but when he brings his own view into it you wanna hate on the man's grind

  3. All the black boys laughing at his racist remarks- need to think of their own mothers and sisters that are being attacked. Everyone who finds this shit funny and entertaining are part of the issues black women currently face with both racism and colourism.

    Decent human beings would see how this is wrong whether they are black or not. People can have their preferences but making music attacking and generalising black girls is WRONG and I really hope people can see that.

  4. Owner of this channel:
    May your life be filled with unending sorrows so mote it be
    May your tears never stop ase
    May good things be far away from you ase
    May joy never come your path ase
    and the same goes for the trash you support

  5. This tune still hella hard shout out 9thstreet. man like Rzo bounce back! the bar aint even dat deep girls should stick to little mix

  6. Congolese guys are dead like Papa Wemba… Papa Wemba was legendary Congolese musician who died 2 years ago… so this prick must be very informed and understand that Papa Wemba has done more on this music scene than he will ever do Dick head

  7. So it's alright for this man to talk about Congolese women? Will this dude be alright if we all become ignorant in our lyrics and start calling Iraqis terrorists and extreme Muslims? Ignorant people never think on the other foot! Freedom of speech often brings the freedom of consequence. He will meet a black man or woman from Congo or not and he will have to back up his lyrics one way or the other. No doubt an apology video from the streets will be pending!


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