10 hours 432Hz Healing Sleep Music – Fall Asleep Fast and Easy – Healing Sleep Patterns – Feel Safe & Relax – 432 Hz sleep meditation music containing 1.5 Hz Delta Binaural Beats for nurturing, healing and rejuvenating DEEP SLEEP.

The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound. Everything has an optimum range of vibration (frequency), and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are balanced. Every organ and every cell in our precious body absorbs and emits sound with particular optimum resonate frequency. 432hz and 528hz tuned music creates resonance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

Delta Binaural Beats are associated with:
✓ Release of Anti-Aging Hormones
✓ Decrease cortisol (stress hormone associated with illness)
✓ One may experience deep bliss in delta meditations
✓ Healing physical injuries
✓ Restore and reinvigorate prana (life energy)
✓ Boosting the immune system
✓ A deeper connection to self
✓ Sharpens intuition
✓ Releasing Human growth hormone (bone, muscle and body growth)
✓ Deep relaxation of body and mind (as in REM sleep)
✓ Revitalizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Aura
✓ Enhances Inner peace & balance

Music created by Jordan Jessep. Added sounds of rain, wind, solfeggio frequency 741Hz and 1.5Hz binaural beats.

Dear Soul, Thank you for being here. I´m a Loving Soul who is here to learn, teach and Shine my Light. I AM Courageously walking my own path. My Life Purpose is to spread practical Knowledge, Wisdom and Healing with Love and Enthusiasm – that Inspires and Awakens people to their Greatness & Potential, and make this world a Peaceful, Joyful and Loving place for ALL Life.

I see the Light in You

With Loving Kindness

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Infinite Gratitude 🙏🏼



  1. Dear Magnificent Being. Thank you for choosing to be here. Know that you are appreciated and always welcome here. Sharing with you a new sleep video with healing frequencies, binaural beats and charged with Loving intentions. Sleep allows your Soul to travel out of your body back “home” to recharge, cleanse and bring back into your body pure cosmic life-force. As well as bringing more balance, clarity, and alignment to you coming day. May these tones and frequencies nourish your body, mind, and Soul – and lull you into the deepest rejuvenating and healing sleep yet. Supporting your body and brain to learn and integrate new healthy sleep patterns now.

    Good night, dear Soul. You deserve all the good in life.

    I see the Light in you.

    With Loving Kindness,

  2. Thank you for writing up front that this music has binaural beats in it. Binaural beats are not healthy for all individuals to listen to. Especially ones with trauma backgrounds, epilepsy and other conditions of this nature. Including this in your description is the responsible thing to do.

  3. Thank u i suffer with nightmares sometimes just the thought of sleep, makes me scared to fall asleep, in fear of what i will relive again, this made me drift off in 40mins i couldnt believe it. its now my new fav sleeping tool your channel. thank u just dont no how much this helped to relax my mind. wow x xx xx share on my ig.

  4. I have been on the sleeping video relaxation journey for 8 months. This is first one that not only kept me asleep but gave me pleasant dreams. Thank you kind sir for all your hard work!

  5. I have post vasactomy pain syndrome. I'm always in pain its ruining my relationship with my family. It's destroying me from inside. I feel empty i don't have my spark anymore to keep going.. Im sad trapped in This deep depression. I hope this helps!

  6. I love the night air where the moon give it's light and the air is just rite and has the moon light up in places it is something just to watch at.,beautifully


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