In 2019 it’s not only the Domestic Numbers that are down at the Box Office, the International Numbers are Down as well. The Worldwide Box is down 6% from Last Year.


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  1. Hello, do not forget the movies of the 70's, which broke so much ground in filmmaking. For example: The Godfather, Alien, The Exorcist, Star Wars, Jaws, Halloween, Superman and the list goes on….That decade was a seminal turning point in contemporary filmmaking.

  2. Going back to smaller budge films will be good, it will force them to get creative say for example with the return of practical & prop effects which will look superior than thier larger budget counterparts with CGI sh*tfests.

  3. What a popcorn-eating video, John. We are so sick of this stupid woke crap, reboots, sequels nobody wants. This video is more creative than Hollywoke at this point. Not an insult or an exaggeration.

  4. Hollywood is a money laundering machine… Toy Story 4 cost $200 m to produce (not counting marketing), can you imagine that! A bunch of stupid dolls talking cost 200 million!

  5. I dissagree. It doesn't matter if this is low or high budget film of well known franchise – as long it's good, made with passion, good concept, made by real filmmakers with vision and skill and with good promotion. We have good examples of movies from established franchises which was entertaining and profitable. Dark Knight for example. It's 7th Batman movie and second from a trillogy, second more profitable Batman's movie and best Batman movie ever for many viewers. Franchises like Avengers, Mission Impossible, Mad Max or John Wick can still give profits to producers and have positive viewers reactions. And completely new titles can be bombs: The Hustle, Serenity, The Beach Bum, Ma, Captive State, Wonder Park and many more which will fade in oblivion. Because of lousy idea behind production. Hollywood needs to reimagine itself and restore a recipe for good filmmaking. But they're more focused on preaching than entertaining. And this is a problem.

  6. A time when men where real men, women where real women, and small furry creatures from alpha centarui ,where real small furry creatures from
    alpha centarui.

  7. In the future theatres will be a thnng of the past movies will be made and go directly to the company which will bring it to us . Most everyone in 30 years will have a home theatre it will be like owning a DVD player.

  8. Simple reason.. the quality of stories of films have been going down every year. If the most anticipated film of the year, Endgame, a nonsensical, contrived, time travelling plot device could earn almost $3Billion worldwide, you know audience expectations have also taken a nosedive.

  9. I’ve seen two movies this year Alita battle angel and detective pikachu I enjoyed both and neither one conveyed a woke message. Outside of I think jumanji 2 not interested in anything. I’m waiting for good story telling on Netflix or amazon prime shows

  10. Let Hollywoodl learn the hard way. It goes to show you that Hollywood is out of ideas and scraping the bottom of the barrel. The people don't want woke movies and cookie cutter writing.

    The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end….. Hollywood.


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