Welcome to our 24X7 Live Tamil Music Station. A Non-Stop stream of all your favorite tracks.

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F.A.Q :-

Q: What will it stream ?
A: It will stream songs from Think Music only.

Q: What languages will the songs be ?
A: Tamil language songs.

Q: How long will it stream ?
A: It will stream songs 24 Hours everyday.

Q: Will it stream video songs ?
A: No, it will only stream Audio.

Q: Can we request songs ?
A: Songs requesting sessions will be announced over our social media, occasionally.

Q: What is the streaming audio quality ?
A: HD Audio 320kbps – 48khz regardless of video playback quality.

Q: How fast should my mobile network be ?
A: Streams in 2G network, Recommended: 3G network and above.

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